Frequent Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions

1. Who is the developer?

The holding company is Moquini Beach Hotel (Pty) Ltd. The development is however managed and implemented by Costa Zervas Projects. The company (Costa Zervas Projects) founded by Costa Zervas, who has over 40 years of experience in the construction industry. He has an MBA from the University of Pretoria. When working for LTA Grinaker in the early 1980’s, Costa was at the time, the youngest Director ever appointed to the board. The Costa Zervas Group’s motto is: “Inspired by the past – built for the future” and this is exactly what The Moquini Beach development achieves. The group has a reputation of delivering property developments of the highest standard and quality from planning through to completion.

2. Which Municipal body governs this area?

Mossel Bay Municipality

3. Where are the nearest shops, hospital and business nodes in the area?

The nearest convenience shops are within two kilometres of the development. There are two larger malls, within 15 minutes drive these being the “Langeberg Mall” and the “Mosselbaai Mall” both with national tenants. There are various business nodes within a ten minute drive of the development. There is a Provincial Hospital and the Life Bayview Private Hospital.

4. What security measures are in place for the protection of residents?

The development will have various security systems, cameras, guarding and perimeter fencing in place when the first residents move in.

5. How is Moquini Beach apartments property ownership managed?

The property ownership is a Sectional Title which is managed by the body corporate.

6. What documents govern living at Moquini Beach?

The Constitution, body corporate rules and regulations. These are available on request or for download from our website.

7. When will construction start and end?

The building of Moquini Beach Apartments will commence in the first quarter of 2017, and it is estimated to be over six phases and should be completed in the fourth quarter of 2019.

8. When will I be able to move into my apartment after completion of construction?

Owners will be allowed to move into their purchased units when the beneficial occupation has been approved by local authorities.

9. How much is the levy and when is the first payment due?

The levy charges will be determined 6 months prior to occupancy.

10. Who is responsible for electricity, water and property rate payments?

The owner has independent contracts with each of the service providers and will be responsible for each directly.

11. What is the total expected value of the Moquini Beach project on completion?

R 400 million plus.

12. Will there be any storage facilities?

Yes, each apartment has a single or double garage and you may add your own shelving to your area.

13. Will there be any on-site management services?

Yes, in addition to basic body corporate services, there will be a property management services company who will manage short term and long term rental management, as well as individual property management services.

14. Will I be allowed to rent out my property?

Short term rentals will be permitted via the approved property management company.

15. Will I be able to use any real estate brokerage company for sale or rental of my property?

To ensure quality information and owners security is maintained, the body corporate will have an accreditation process that desired real estate companies must adhere to. This will be implemented by the Body Corporate once established.

16. Are pets allowed?

No pets are permitted. This is to ensure a comfortable living space for all persons residing in the Moquini Beach apartments.

17. Will my domestic worker be able to reside at the development? Will there be living facilities for stay?

Subject to body corporate rules and regulations.

18. Will guests have access to the facilities at The Moquini Beach Hotel?

Yes, your visitors and their guests will have access to the facilities of the hotel. The Body Corporate will negotiate on the owners behalf with the hotel operator in this regard.

19. Can I use my own architect for amendments to my apartment?

Owners are welcome to make interior changes as well as use their own contractors only after the transfer has taken place. All changes are subject to guidelines and approval of the Body Corporate and the local municipality.

20. Will the option of home automation be available?

Each unit will have the required infrastructure in place to allow for your home to be completely automated at your own cost. A list of preferred suppliers can be requested, and this list will be supplied to all purchasers upon request.

21. Will there be air-conditioning in the units, or will I be able to install my own?

Air-conditioning is an optional extra.

22. How do I get to the beach from my apartment?

There is access to third beach by foot or by car during Phases 1 - 4. The boardwalk to the beach will only be constructed during Phase 5.

23. Where can my guests park?

There will be designated visitors parking bays.

24. Can I use the facilities when my property is being rented out?

Yes, use of the facilities is exclusively for the occupants of the units and owners.

25. How do I get internet connection, telephone connection and satellite?

Service providers will provide the services within your unit at your own accord and cost.

26. How do I contact property management desk?

Subject to systems that have been put in place, residents will be able to contact front desk, and security for free. Otherwise they can be contacted at normal call rates at the residents own cost.

27. Has the Body Corporate been established and if not, when will it be?

The body corporate will be established and the rules and regulations will be available on transfer of the first Phase.

28. Who takes care of the maintenance of the building?

The body corporate takes care of all maintenance of the building through its service providers. Buildings will be handed over to the body corporate by the developer after each phase is completed.

29. Where can I hang my washing?

Residents are encouraged to install their own indoor drying facilities within their unit. There are no washing facilities.

30. Will guests of the Moquini Beach Hotel be able to access the apartments?

No, access to residential facilities is for residents and their guests only. If the hotel has overflow guests they can be accommodated through the property management company.

31. Will the building have a NHBRC Certicate?

Yes, it will have a NHBRC certificate

32. What is the building warranty?

The building warranty is based according to the NHBRC and JBCC building contract.

33. What fire protection systems are in place?

The building is fully compliant with the local fire safety requirements.

34. How many elevators are in the building?

There is one elevator per block.

35. How do I purchase an apartment that is not yet built?

The developers are in the pre-sales phase of the project. Once critical sales are achieved the development will commence. It is anticipated that this will be a relatively short period and construction is envisaged in the last quarter of 2017 with the first apartments being completed late in 2018. The advantage of purchasing first in a development is in the sense that the developer wants to get things going and once the development is up and running prices will increase on a phase by phase basis as costs rise, your unit thus appreciates at the same pace.

36. Is my deposit at risk?

No - Your deposit is held in the transferring Attorneys Trust Account. It is invested and carries interest which is for your own account. Attorneys are by law required to have Fidelity Insurance.

37. By when must I pay?

Your deposit is required immediately to secure your purchase. The balance must be secured by means of a mortgage bond, suitable guarantee or cash stipulated in the purchasing agreement. The balance is payable on completion of the unit and transfer is made into your name.

38. What is the property transfer process?

The attorneys (conveyancer) will walk through the steps of transfer with you. They will attend to opening of a Sectional Title Register for the development. But basically it involves the following steps: Offer to Purchase signed by purchaser and seller, deposit paid, guarantees or bond issued, lodgement at the Deeds Office, transfer into your name. If you pay cash the Title Deed will be available within approximately 60 days, if there is a bond involved it will vest with the bond holder until it is paid off.